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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Adventures in Omelette #5: Salmon, Dill & Feta Frittata

Basically the same as the last one, except slightly bodged, so I won't go into great detail.

The biggest mistake was the choice of tinned salmon... It was vile-looking and oily. By the looks of it, a large chunk of meat, skin, bone and all, was cut out of a salmon, rolled up, cooked and shoved into a tin. Whole vertibrae were in there, let alone the spiky bones. About a third of the volume of a small tin was cast aside for looking nasty. It seems, perhaps, that I should have done a bit more research, as the packager in question has "tinned salmon" and "skinless and boneless tinned salmon". Next time I shall endeavour to find the latter... or use the ready-flaked salmon one can find in plastic trays.

Next up was the omission of onion and pepper... The former led to a rather flat frittata simply because there wasn't enough bulk in the mixture. The latter left some mouthfuls tasting a little bland.

Finally, I was a bit crap with the hob - since I cooked this one at my parents' place, and I'm not as familiar with their hob as I am with my own, I ended up setting it far too high. The first clue I got to this mistake was the loud hiss and almost instant cooking of the mixture as it hit the base of the pan.

Still, it wasn't an unmitigated disaster, and my parents said they liked it.

Oh, and I remembered to take photos of this one...

Turned out a little flat in the centre... but that might have been either the frying pan or the hob. The grill certainly did a good job, though.

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